JET Workflow not only allows you to create web and mobile apps within minutes and manage workflows, it also serves as a central data repository where data of all sorts, files, documents, photos, videos, chats, etc, can be stored and managed within a single record thus allowing data and knowledge management!

One Platform - Multiple Uses

Streamline your business processes by automating manual repetitive tasks with JET Workflow platform. We are on a mission to empower your business and employees to transform your business digitally.

Making Work Simpler

Create your own business applications within minutes

JET provides you with the building blocks to create your very own business applications without the need to hire programmers.

Jam-packed with over 35 field types for you to collect your data. Create, organize, and make changes easily.

Manage and Customize Business Workflow

We understand that every business is unique. JET Workflow is here to empower you to build applications that fit your business goals.

Build applications and workflow for Task Management, Inventory Management, ISO Management, Human Resouce Management and many more easily with JET.

Be in Control of the Full System qwerty

Assign and manage users to have different levels of permissions for different kinds of data. Our enhanced permission level settings can manage user's access to viewing and editing forms, data sets, and records.

Keep your data and work secure by ensuring that only the right people with the right access can access it.

Create your own business applications within minutes

Import and Export your Excel data sets to JET Workflow and transform your business. Align different departments and teams’ data from different sources such as legacy systems and spreadsheets easily.

You can find information and generate reports simply in a few clicks by having the data linked inside JET.

Manage and Customize Business Workflow

Have visibility of progress and track where the work is. Access JET from anywhere! Make changes to records and see the changes in real time.

JET is accessible from web browsers, tablets and mobile applications.

Collaborate with Ease qwertffffffffghy

JET makes it easy to collaborate on shared projects with anyone at the same time. Decide if you want to give access to certain users or for public, then share the forms easily via URL or QR code.