Hundred of powerful tools, one platform.

Clickup comes with hundreds of features that can be customized for any work

need with more added every week. And they're all free, forever.

Valuesion is an authorized Clickup partner in Indonesia.

The all-in-one platform for projects

ClickUp brings teams closer together with connected workflows, docs, real-time dashboards and more—helping everyone move faster, work smarter, and save time.

Never lose sight of priorities

Plan and prioritize with ease knowing you have visibility into all project details and how they align to company goals. With ClickUp, teams see the big picture to scope and allocate for what's important.

Better transparency, faster buy-in

Gain consensus faster and kickstart projects with clarity across all stakeholders. Collaborate on your project vision with Docs, share updates with Chat, and always know what comes next with your Inbox.

Deliver more projects faster and on budget

Everyone moves faster when project planning and cross-team collaboration happens in one platform. Add in automations to remove the busy work and you've got a streamlined system for efficient execution!

See project progress at a glance

One source of truth means ultimate visibility into bottlenecks, risks, resourcing struggles and more. Dashboards surface real-time progress so you're always a step ahead.